Ferrari F40 Specialist Servicing

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Tel: +44 1926 691 000

Our knowledge of F40 cars is hard to beat both in terms of purchasing and maintenance. We can say this with first hand experience as our love for this car is so great we have our own, not many service centres can claim that! This means the depth of knowledge we have is first rate.

McGurk Ltd has bought and sold many Ferrari F40's over the years and during this time we have seen good and bad examples. We know how F40's should be presented and the difference between a genuine first class example and a poorer one.

As these cars get older our attention turns to different servicing issues that will arise over time. We can offer everything from routine service work to major issues including engine and gearbox replacement or repair and fuel cell installation.

We are here to help you with our advice and knowledge. Our rate is £90+vat per hour and we will never be beaten on price.

Please call Steve to discuss how we can help you with your Ferrari. 01926691000 or E Mail


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